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Excellence in the Community is a 501 C3 working to create more and better performance opportunities for Utah musicians. Since we started in December of 2005, we have presented roughly 750 events. 

Here is a quick summary or how we work and what our expectations are. 

1) We focus on Utah artists only. This definition includes artists who have lived for extended periods in Utah but who no longer live here. 

2) We work with a wide range of musical styles. We are less interested in rock, and pop styles than in genres such as jazz, classical, Celtic, gypsy swing, folk, Broadway, French, Cabaret and the list goes on. We do make exceptions from time to time. 

3) From our earliest days, our priority has been to pay the musicians. For many years this meant that no one on the Excellence staff was compensated. Generally, we pay the artists at the end of the performance. We write one check to the bandleader or whomever the band leader designates. We require that the band leader distribute the proceeds from our check to band members equitably. If there are questions about this, please contact us. If a musician feels that he or she has not been compensated by the band leader fairly for an Excellence performance, please contact us. We have a standard rate for most shows; however, that is modified for big bands and for concerts that require considerable travel. Again, we reserve the right to make exceptions to the compensation structure (in either direction) based on a variety of factors. 

We hope to be able to pay the musicians more. It is also our hope to pay the Excellence staff more. Both hopes will be realized as we find more sponsors and / or secure deeper funding commitments from sponsors. 

4) We are always looking for deserving Utah artists. If you are interested in being considered for an Excellence concert, please contact Andrew Glanville at and put in the subject line “Utah Artist” and then your name/band name (example “Utah Artist John Smith”). He can help you get the process started. 

5) We usually expect 90 minutes of music. Band leaders can tell us if they want an intermission. If there is an intermission, we look for two 45 minute sets. Our experience suggests it is best to play straight through. 

6) Excellence works with different community partners, and of course, with different venues in different communities. Usually, Excellence provides sound and lighting. Sometimes venues have their own sound and lighting. Our long-time production partner is Taylor Audio. In many cases, you will be working with them on the technical aspects of the show. 

7) Our premise is that Utah talent is a powerful resource for community, social, cultural, and economic development. We hope that your performance will reinforce that premise. So we appreciate professionalism in dress, in performance, on stage, and in our working relationships. If there are questions here, please contact us. We want your performance to illustrate excellence in every way. 

8) We want your performance to be so dazzling that we hire your act again and again. We work to create circumstances that allow you to do your best. To show your best. We take our work seriously, and we expect you to take your performance seriously. 

9) We believe in the transformative power of live music. High-quality music brings people together, and through a shared emotional journey makes their lives richer. As people come together to experience the accomplishments of Utah’s best musicians, individuals, families and ultimately communities benefit.

10) Since 2012 all of our events (two experimental exceptions) have been offered to the public at no charge. One reason for this is to provide children up close and personal experiences with a wide range of musicians and musical styles. Keep in mind that children will be in attendance at your show. 

11) We are grateful for all those who have helped us along the way. We extend our appreciation and gratitude to the musicians, to the generous sponsors who said and will say yes. We are grateful to our community partners, and we are thankful to the audience. We work hard, but one of the secrets to our history is that what we do does not feel like work. 

12) Generally, we do not create individual contracts for individual concerts. We suggest an email or a text trail with the band leader wherein the essential details are put in writing and can be quickly and easily reviewed by both parties. 

13) Lex Anderson is our official photographer. Will Larsen and Carter Madsen work on the video. If you are interested in using Lex’s photos or our video resources, please contact Lex or Will directly and make arrangements. 

14) If there are questions about any of the details mentioned above, please contact