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Enhance Utah’s Quality Of Life

Excellence in the Community brings Utah’s best musicians to diverse communities through free concerts. By providing more and better performance opportunities for Utah’s talented artists, we enhance the quality of life in our communities and weave their achievements into the fabric of Utah culture. Our high-quality musical experiences are available to people of all ages, economic demographics, and walks of life, strengthening communities and honoring accomplishments. Join us for a diverse range of Utah artists and musical styles, from jazz to classical, Broadway to bluegrass, from Celtic to country, as we showcase the wonderful variety of Utah’s music scene for free

$0 Concert Ticket

We believe that high-quality music should be available to everyone, since 2012 all our events have been free. With tickets being paid for by our generous sponsors.

Concert History

Since our first event in 2005, we have presented over 1,160 concerts. All concerts have featured Utah musicians playing 50+ musical styles and genres.

Award-Winning Nonprofit

Excellence has won City Weekly Best of Utah, SLC Chamber Downtown Achievement Award, and Sandy Chamber Best Nonprofit Award.


Since March 2020, we have achieved over 46 million views with over 23 million minutes viewed. That’s over 43 calendar years of viewing time cumulatively of live-stream viewers time spent watching our concerts!

Family Friendly

With a focus on quality musicianship and a great diversity of musical styles, our concerts appeal to a broad range of age groups. We are pleased to see many families with young children in our audience!

Pandemic Response

When COVID hit we pivoted to live-stream concerts in a safe environment. We were the only gig in town for many musicians, and we were able to continue operating while maintaining strict safety protocols, while the rest of the music industry was shut down.