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Awards & Recognition

    1. Excellence received funding from the Utah Division of Arts & Museums to renew our efforts in rural Utah, (when conditions allow). Consequently we are working with contacts in three remote and underserved counties to bring programs to their schools and communities. Additionally there is enough funding to rekindle what we began in Price, Brigham City and Grantsville.
    2. SLC Chamber of Commerce recently gave Excellence the “Downtown Achievement“ award. One of three given annually. This came in August 2019
    3. Sandy City gave Excellence “ Non Profit of the Year” award in January of 2019
    4. A French music magazine recently published an article about Excellence.  Good PR for Utah, for Salt Lake City, and for Excellence.
    5. Recent article about Big Band Dances at Gallivan Center.
    6. Recently Excellence was recognized by the Utah Area Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at an event at the Joseph Smith Building.