Library’s Viridian

Event Center

A World-Class Venue in West Jordan

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8030 S 1825w

West Jordan, UT 84088

The best parking for Viridian Center events is on the south side of the Salt Lake County Library in their main parking lot. Parking is located at 8030 South and 1825 West, essentially just west of Redwood Road at 80th South. You can easily find the concert hall by walking into the library and following your ears (and the crowd of people heading in that direction) in addition there will be signs leading you the concert. The concert hall is located on the far west side of the building. 

Parking is free!

Winter at the Library’s

Viridian Event Center

During the colder months, we host the concerts indoors. We have plenty of space and enough comfy chairs that you can bring your whole family. Concessions are also offered by the Viridian Center.

Summer at the

Library’s Viridian

Event Center

During summer we take our concerts outside to the Library’s Viridian Event Center’s outdoor stage. On a cool summer night, enjoying music is the best thing in the world. And the sun won’t be in your eyes!

About Viridian

“Viridian is the color between green and cyan on the color wheel and comes from the Latin viridis, meaning ‘green’. We often associate green with a verdant garden, and cyan (blue) with the sky. Most simply, these two elements are the design informants of this library/event center. The building poses a long transparent face along the edge of the city’s park, allowing library and event patrons to feel connected to the most significant green space of the community. Connections to the sky occur via three ‘light boxes’ – basically, incisions through the center of the building, from roof to ground level, that reflect and bounce sunlight to internal spaces. “
Courtsey of Viridian Center Website