Resources for Musicians

Fellow musicians,

These are strange days. This is a time of uncertainty and unprecedented disruption. Especially for musicians and all involved in the concert production business.

There are Federal and state government programs that may be helpful to you in this time of uncertainty. Mike Tobian of Utah Live Bands has made considerable effort to keep abreast of the details of these programs. Many of these details are subject to change or are not yet fully determined. Nevertheless, we think his research will be helpful to you.

Please note that neither Mr. Tobian nor Excellence claim to be experts on this. We are trying to be helpful by endeavoring to point you in the right direction. We disclaim any legal liability regarding this information.

In light of the rapidly changing circumstances and consequent modifications to these programs, it is our understanding that it is prudent to look into these programs as soon as possible, and where applicable, to apply as soon as possible.

We are grateful to Mike Tobian for putting this material together.

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– Jeff Whiteley, Managing Director, Excellence in the Community

This video includes information on: 

  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
  • Emergency Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs)
  • Stimulus Checks
  • Collection Unemployment for 1099 Independent Contractors
  • Mortgage Forbearance
  • Eviction Protection
  • Utah Live Bands Basic Needs Packages
  • Utah Live Events Industry Association
  • Freelance Musician Network

The notes from this video can be downloaded on our website at, or by clicking the link below. We recommend downloading this document, as it clearly lays out pertinent information to the topics discussed in the video.

Download Supporting Document